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7 Crazy Things Bought With Bitcoin

Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, there have been many purchase transactions that have been made using this asset. Of these many things, Bitcoin has been used to buy Pizza to Lamborghini and Traveling supercars.

#1. Pizza

Every year since 2010, Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto investors have celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day, remembering one of the most ridiculous purchases ever made using BTC.

This purchase was made by Laszlo Hanyecz, one of the largest BTC holders at the time. At that time, Hanzyecz bought a pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin. For information, in 2010 the price of 10,000 Bitcoins was equivalent to US$ 41, while this year it was equivalent to US$ 267 million.

#2. Condo

In 2013, an individual used 25,500 BTC to purchase a US$2 million condo at The Trump Hotel. In this purchase, the use of BTC as a transaction tool is a policy set by the building owner.

However, until now the condo buyer is still unknown alias anonymous. Many have speculated that the Winklevoss brothers were the buyers. If 25,500 BTC was worth $2 million in 2013, the house is now worth over US$600 million.

#3. Soil

In 2014, a tycoon named Chamath Palihapitiya bought a 1.4 hectare plot of land in California for around US$1.6 million. The deal closed with a Bitcoin payout of 2,739 coins, when the price was under US$600.

In 2021, the land price will be around US$ 27.5 million.

7 Crazy Things Bought With Bitcoin

#4. Mansion

Another interesting property purchase, a Miami mansion was bought for around 455 BTC, or US$6 million, at the time. The seller of the house is a well-known Bitcoin trader named Michael Komaransky. When BTC is at ATH of US$ 68,000 in 2021, the value of the mansion could reach over US$ 30 million.

#5. Prius car

Not only about property, Bitcoin has also been used to buy used Prius cars. This purchase was made by a crypto trader named Michael Tozoni, who pocketed up to 1,000 BTC which at that time was equivalent to US$ 22,000 in 2013.

#6. Lamborghini Gallardo

Bitcoin was also used to buy a sports car, namely the Lamborghini Gallardo. At the time, the car was being sold in 2013 for 216 BTC. The car was purchased at the Newport Beach Car dealership, making it the first luxury car dealership to accept BTC payments.

In those early days, some crypto users criticized investors for buying a car at a high cost, 216 BTC. At the time, the car was valued at around US$209,900. Today it costs over US$5.4 million.

#7. Traveling

Some crypto investors have used bitcoins to pay for travel. As in 2014, the Winklevoss twins allegedly paid around 900 BTC (450 tokens each) for two seats in Richard Branson's space. 900 BTC is now worth over US$24 million, up from US$1 million in 2014.

In the same year, the first charter flight was paid for with 55 BTC. Olivier Janssens, member of the Bitcoin foundation, paid for the trip from Brussels to Nice Cot$e D'Azur. The 55 BTC at that time is now worth over US$1.4 million.

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